Promises, promise. Well, looks like Frank Ocean is finally keeping his promise. After releasing the 45-minute visual album Endless earlier last week, Frank is back with another new album, Blond. Blond features 18 new tracks not heard in the 18 tracks released in the Endless film, so that makes 26 new songs from Frank. Nice work man, nice work.

Listen below and check the tracklist below.

1. “Nikes.”
2. “Ivy”
3. “Pink + White”
4. “Be Yourself”
5. “Solo”
6. “Skyline to”
7. “Self Control”
8. “Good Guy”
9. “Nights”
10. “Solo” (Reprise)
12. “Facebook Story”
13. “Close to You”
14. “White Ferrari”
15. “Seigfried”
16. “Godspeed”
17. “Future Free”