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Food: Introducing Brunch at Città Toronto

Brunch at Città Toronto-2

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of tasting the new brunch menu at City Place’s latest gourmet edition, Città in Toronto. The food has been described as simple and authentic, with a focus on wood-fired pizzas and classic Italian dishes done right by Chef Ben Heaton, previously of Terroni. While we’ve yet to taste their dinner or lunch menus, the four course brunch we indulged in on Sunday featured an array of sweet and savoury shared plates perfect to enjoy on long lazy afternoons or on a quick stop by.

When we arrived at the sunny spot, we were treated to a white peach Bellini (the real way to make a Bellini) served in a beautiful antique glass along with an assortment of olive oil muffins and Formaggio speck scones served with a deliciously whipped airy butter. The first course was completed with a Burrata Crostini served with wood roasted tomato and onion agro dolce leading into the second course which began with an elegant yet rustic Baked Eggs Braciole served in small cast iron fry pan with grilled bread for dunking. This was probably one of our favourite items on the menu because it was simple and well executed with fine ingredients like short ribs, pancetta, and gremolata.

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Next up we sampled their take on eggs benedict served with duck, tomato, peperonata, and hollandaise on a delicate round of focaccia with thick cut pancetta rashers on the side. While benedicts tend to be more on the heavier side, Citta’s was light and airy with perfectly poached eggs only gently touched with hollandaise. Feeling quite full full at this point we entered the third course (yes you read that correctly, Citta’s brunch has a third course), and if it’s one thing we find it hard to stop eating, it’s carbs.

Brunch at Città Toronto

Three delicate pieces of Buffalo Mozzarella Agnolotti in light tomato sauce dusted with Parmesan cheese landed on the table, just moments after we had all uttered how full we were, we all reached for a piece. Feeling glad we all dress in loose fitting clothing we indulged in a slice of carbonara pizza which combined béchamel, potato, pecorino, egg, guanciale with cracked black pepper, just like the simple Italian pasta dish.

Feeling so happy and full at this point the sweets arrived to finish the meal on a proper note. Bomboloni with passion fruit cream and their crunchy cannolis had us begging for doggy bags to enjoy a few hours later that afternoon.

With plans to expand up to John and Adelaide later this spring and eventually Yonge and Eglington, this simple but delicious Italian restaurant is bound to take over the city slowly over the next few years.

While City Place isn’t exactly in our neck of the woods, we’re feeling jealous of those condo-dwellers who get to enjoy such glorious food mere steps from their door, and would consider making the trip back soon, just as soon as we finish digesting all the deliciousness.

Don’t miss out one of Toronto’s best new brunches; make your reservation here.

Photo by // Photagonist.ca

Photo by // Photagonist.ca