Food: Chin Chin in Melbourne, Australia

Chin Chin Melbourne

We visited CBD hot spot Chin Chin earlier this spring to follow all the praise we’ve heard of their South East Asian cuisine from friends and critics alike. Located on Flinders Lane, we were dazzled by their modern take on Thai fusion and welcomed by their kitschy chic decor which was a mish mash of modern elements like pink neon signs and graphic decals pasted on the walls and bars.

Opting for the varied Feed Me option, our tables aim was to try as many dishes off the hugely tempting menu.

We began with the refreshing kingfish sashimi with lime, coconut, chilli, grapefruit, and Thai basil, and the chin chin pork roll ups with braised suckling pig served with pancakes, slaw, and herbs. Next the Pad Seuw with six hour braised Wagyu beef and flat rice noodles came along with the crispy barramundi with green apple salad with caramelized pork, peanuts, chilli, and lemongrass.

Our super attentive waiter came to check in with us and even though we were totally stuffed, we wanted to try more of the extensive menu. Next up the caramelized sticky pork with sour herb salad and chilli vinegar, and a few bowls of the butter chicken with steamed jasmine rice arrived at the table and we all just about died over how delicious it was.

For dessert we sampled the coconut sago with creamed corn ice cream, condensed milk and puffed wild rice, as well as the palm sugar ice cream sundae with salted honeycomb and lime syrup which was both delicious and interesting considering how full we were at this point in the meal.

We’d highly recommend a visit to Chin Chin if you aren’t already a regular there, but arrive early, because the wait times can often be crazy.

Chin Chin Melbourne