Music Video: Foals “Spanish Sahara”

I am beyond super stoked about this! UK band the Foals have just released a brand new single and video entitled “Spanish Sahara” off of their forthcoming sophomore album Total Life Forever, set to drop in May. Following on the heels of their critically acclaimed Antidotes (our number 7 album of 2008), these British math/indie rockers have meticulously crafted their songwriting into an art-form in and of itself. “Spanish Sahara” is a great first single, which inspires and invokes all the tingly feelings of Antidotes, coupled with a intensely stark yet visually splendid video. Quite honestly, I have yet to hear a song by this band that I don’t like and it’s hard not to find yourself in awe of their time signatures and riffs/beats. I can only hope for great things from Total Life Forever.

FOALS – Spanish Sahara from PEDESTRIAN.TV on Vimeo.