Five Top Luxury Getaways for 2021

What better way to rid yourself of all the stress and anxiety mounted up throughout the working weeks than to go on holiday. Who doesn’t love a getaway? A lot of the time, when people book time off work, they simply find themselves indulging in mindless housework tasks and days out in their own city. However, 2021 is about much more than this!

It is time to book a getaway to somewhere you have never been before to experience new things. The great thing about travelling is that there are so many places to travel to and each place has its uniqueness. When it comes to choosing somewhere, this can be difficult which is why we have recommended the top luxury getaways for 2021. Keep reading to find out more!

New York, USA

The first recommendation on our list is that of the stunning city that never sleeps – New York City. Home to lots of culture and entertainment, there is always something for everyone. People usually think a getaway is a trip for ultimate relaxation, however, this often depends on what type of holiday you like. Yet, it is still important to make sure you book the best accommodation.

NYC is the perfect place to get the most out of your trip as there is so much to do. From the food scene to entertainment and history, you will never get bored. You should do as much research as possible before you jet off and create an itinerary for your trip. From Times Square to the MET, NYC is promising for 2021.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Using this convenient service at, you can upload funds and test your casino skills while putting your luck to the test to prepare for a fabulous trip to Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Home to all things gambling and gaming, you can experience true luxury when visiting the province. Casinos have been shaping agendas and itineraries for travellers for some time as they are high in both quantity and quality. Why not visit the stunning Casino de Monte-Carlo and experience the luxury life?

As well as being great for gaming, Monte-Carlo is also home to stunning sites making it a great option for everyone. It is certainly the most luxurious trip we can think of! If you want to experience all that Monte-Carlo has to offer, start your research and preparations today.

London, UK

Another wonderful and luxurious place to visit is London in the United Kingdom. As well as having a rich culture and history as well as lots of infamous tourist attractions. It serves as a fantastic opportunity to experience a luxurious and high-class life for one getaway. One of the best things about London is that it is a very unique city and a lot of small, independent businesses. Whether you visit the Shard, invest in an elevated dining experience or visit all the independent luxury restaurants in Kensington, you can trust that you will have a fabulous time.

Berlin, Germany

Last but not least, Berlin serves as a wondrous getaway opportunity for 2021. Berlin is very famous for its music and dance scene as well as its history and culture. There is an endless list of exciting activities to do such as visiting Berlin’s museums, shopping districts, culture festivals and touring the U-Bahn.

Overall, when choosing a luxury getaway, you need to make sure you can fill an itinerary. As well as relaxing, you’ll want to ensure you can have fun too! Take time and experience the luxurious life you know you deserve.