Five Things We Loved at IDS 2015

IDS 2015

Earlier this week we popped by Toronto’s Interior Design Show opening night event to take in some of Canada’s hottest design innovations. We rounded up five booths and items we spotted on our walk around to share with you.

Flip through them below.

Missoni Home IDS 2015

1. Missoni Home
It’s the first thing we laid eyes on coming up the escalator and possibly the most interesting patterned furniture we’ve come across in a while. We loved the interesting shapes and the convertibility of the quite-square pieces which looked at though they could be pushed together into one big luxurious bed.

IDS 2015 MSDS Studio

2. MSDS Studio
This last-minute addition to the show was certainly not the most grand but the soft elegant layers of white lighting fixtures at varying heights at MSDS Studios booth was by far one of the most effective interesting installations we saw last night. This was by far also the most instagrammed booth this year.

IDS 2015 Oni Projects Well Light

3. Oni Projects ‘Well Light’
An installation of pill shaped lights, this tiny corner space at the show drew quite the crowd. Hung at varying heights the pill lights mixed in with an interesting fixture that incorporated the most adorable creeping trailing vines. We imagine these would make the perfect herb garden in a kitchen or a beautiful living display elsewhere.

Ceasarstone IDS 2015

4. Caesarstone Installation
Ever year the people at Caesar Stone create an interactive exhibit at the show and this year they built a circular swing set with multiple granite seats. We had a good swing and carried on through the show feeling like giddy children again.

Tischler by Bauhaus IDS 2015

5. Tischler by Bauhaus Mirror
This thumbs up mirror could not have come at a better time in a like-obsessed world. Adorned with white Facebook-esque thumbs cascading down one side, we’d happily welcome this wooden floor mirror in any room in our home or office.

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