We’re on the go. A lot. From previews and events, to Pilates and boxing class at home and abroad, it feels like we’re rarely home.

When we’re getting ready to leave the house for a busy day, our list of essentials includes the basics: wallet, keys, phone and, of course, our smart watch. The all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest accessory we can’t live without. It does everything we need, keeps us connected and with a sleek design it looks like an authentic watch. To say it’s become a staple in our wardrobe would be an understatement – we basically feel naked without it!

But don’t let our gushing sway you. We’ve broken down the reasons to love the new Samsung Galaxy Watch here for you.



From recommendations based on context and location, the Galaxy Watch with LTE is super helpful in the ways we need it to be. Dinner in Paris? The Galaxy Watch has tons of great ideas within walking distance. Rainy day culture fix in London? The Galaxy Watch can recommend an awesome art gallery just a short walk away. Best route to get to the airport? It provides that too. How about a hike in LA close to our Airbnb? Sorted! This technology works with your phone as well, but feel free to leave it back at the hotel and stay connected via your wrist!


It’s basically the perfect administrative assistant. From appointment reminders, checking email, taking calls, traffic and weather updates. The Galaxy Watch gives you your schedule for the next 10 hours and it thinks of everything you might need so you can get on with your busy day with ease.


Stream the perfect workout mix online through wireless earbuds, plus measure your heart rate, track your weight, follow workout routines and more – all controlled directly from the Galaxy Watch. It’s a tiny personal trainer that’s always accessible and keeping you accountable – how can you beat that?! Plus, it has a built-in GPS, altimeter and barometer, in case you’re taking your workouts off the beaten track.


As part of the Samsung family, it’s also set up to facilitate Samsung Pay, so you can leave your wallet at home and pay for purchases with a quick flick of your wrist without fussing for cash.


Finally, with the SmartThings control on the Galaxy Watch LTE, the device auto-unlocks and tracks sleep, workouts, location and more, directly from your wrist. So no matter what your busy life throws at you, rest assured the Galaxy Watch LTE will keep you working toward your goals, and staying on track – even when you leave your phone behind.

Keeping us connected, informed, up to date and on track for where we need to be, all with an incredible analog watch design. It doesn’t get much better than the Galaxy Watch.

*This post was made possible by Samsung Canada, however all opinions expressed are our own.