We sat down with NYC based indie rockers SKATERS back at Governors Ball following their set. We chatted with them about what music they’ve got on blast right now, their art zine, and a new bar they’re opening in Puerto Rico.

Check out our Q&A with drummer Noah Rubin below.

Sidewalk Hustle: Where are you from?

Noah Rubin: The band is from New York City. East Village, we started in Chinatown, we all had a loft together, or not really a loft, but a little dingy apartment.


SH: What are you wearing right now?

NR: I’m wearing Lee Jeans. Like 90’s Lee’s, these are my favourite; I kinda like, collect them. I just got sent these [shoes] from Vans, I think they think we actually skateboard, so they sent us skate shoes, but I like white high tops.

SH: And the shirt? Why is the Raiders logo inside out?

NR: I don’t like logos so I flip my logos inside out, but I love sports. If it was a basketball t-shirt I would have it the right way out, because I like basketball.


SH: What are you listening to right now?

NR: A lot of Burt Bacharach. I’m really into all the songwriters associated with him and all the artists that performed his songs, stuff like that. We’ve been cranking that out right now. That, and the new St. Vincent record. Those two things like back to back.


SH:  Biggie or Tupac?

NR: Biggie, oh yeah, all the way. I never really got into Tupac, but I’m not saying I don’t like it, I just you know, Biggie is my favourite rapper ever.

SH: Where do you see the band in five years?

NR: Doing the same thing, lots of side projects, more collaborations, hopefully our art thing will take off a little bit more. We have an art zine, and a lot of the artists that we’ve been showcasing got their start with us, or put their first piece with us, and they’re like now selling pieces so, just for everything to continue at a very slow pace, just a very slow steady pace.

We want to own our own bar eventually. I wanna do it in Puerto Rico. I just think it would be rad if we all had a bar in Puerto Rico, we’re talking to someone about it now actually. A SKATERS bar in Puerto Rico.