Five Minutes with Holy Ghost! at Osheaga 2013

Holy Ghost

Last weekend we had the pleasure of chatting with DFA cool dudes Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser of Holy Ghost! after their performance at Montreal’s Osheaga Music festival. We talked about their festival survival tips, their matching Surface to Air Jackets, and how they both only have under five albums on their phones (gasp!).
Check out the Q&A below.

Sidewalk Hustle: Who or what are you wearing?

Alex Frankel: I’m wearing Surface To Air [leather jacket], APC [jeans], and Nike [Dunks].
Nick Millhiser: Same. Or close. Surface To Air jacket, Supreme shirt, Ksubi Jeans, Converse shoes. Buttons are old DFA and A Violent Bullshit – that’s our friends band.

SH: Who is your favorite designer?

AF: I like Prada stuff a lot.
NM: I honestly can’t answer that question.

SH: Who is on repeat for you right now?

AF: Not much is on repeat… Nick you take this one.
NM: I’ve been listening to the first Alan Vega album a lot. Been listening to these early DFA mixes that I had been looking for online and could find. I found CD’s of them and I actually put them on my phone which I don’t think I’ve ever done. I only have two albums on my phone right now.
AF: I have four albums on my phone.

SH: Festival Survival Tips?

AF: Buy a monitor disk. Drink water, come early.
NM: Clean pair of socks – that’s very important.
AF: Oh a Mophie – an extra back up battery for your cell phone.
NM: Honestly the sock thing changed my life, once I got that together, that’s big.

SH: Biggie or 2Pac?

AF: Biggie.
NM: Biggie. He’s from New York!

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