Five Minutes with AlunaGeorge at Governors Ball 2014

AlunaGeorge Governors Ball 2014 Aluna Francis

One of the best sets we saw last weekend at Governors Ball was hands down UK eletro duo AlunaGeorge and continuing our five minutes with series, we sit down with the always stylish Aluna Francis. We caught up with her along New York’s East River before her set to talk about her Welsh roots, what music she’s digging at the moment and stealing clothes from her grandmas wardrobe.

Read our Q&A with Francis below.

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Sidewalk Hustle: Where are you from?

Aluna Francis: From London.

SH: Where specifically in London?

AF: Finsbury Park. I mean I’m just living there now, that’s where I live. I’m not born there. Hardly anyone’s born in London, it’s a pretty kind of transient place.

SH: Where were you born?

AF: I was born in Wales. I was raised pretty much in Hertfordshire in England.

SH:  Who/what are you wearing at the moment?

AF: Well on stage later today I’ll be wearing Stella McCartney. Right now, this is all pretty much second-hand actually. This [body chain] is Bagatiba, which is a designer from LA, and this [body suit] is my grandmas. I was in her wardrobe just throwing things around, and I was like “Gran, what is that?” and she was like “Ohhh?” (laughs). I was like “why have you got a body suit?” like a pink velour body suit, “give me that” and she was like “okay here you go,” and I was like “have you worn it” and she was like “no” (laughs).

SH: And your sunglasses?

AF: These are WILDFOX.

SH: If you could be dressed by any designer, who would it be and why?

AF: DSQUARED2. They just have an amazing balance between masculine and feminine sexuality which they combine in a way that makes me go a bit crazy in my mind.

SH: What are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Mr. Carmack. I love that one Tyga remix of Soulchild and I love the new Flume remix of LORDE, it’s pretty cool.

Biggie or Tupac?

AF: I would not get involved in that. Because I have no information to go on there. I mean, you can’t just go on looks, because that’s just not fair, right? I’m on the fence. I don’t get involved with stuff without the information you know? It’s an arbitrary thing to choose. Those people grew up with that and I was listening to Radiohead, I was not aware.

SH: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AF: In five years time… hey you know, it would be amazing to be writing album five, in five years time, that would be sick!  I would like to be writing it in a treehouse in the Canary Islands.