Five Fashion Apps You Need To Download

Five Fashion Apps You Need To Download

The essence of life means being pulled in fifteen different directions.

Between scheduling tasks, picking out your day-to-day outfit, organizing your day-to-day work flow, and even making sense of where you’re partying on Friday, it can all get very overwhelming. Because of this, we were inspired to do some digging and share five apps that are making our lives easier.

Sunrise Calendar

sunrise-calendar copy

Many of us are content using the default calendar app on our iPhone or Android devices. Granted, they are a bit boring, but a calendar is a calendar and the default option does the job correctly. You’re probably thinking: “let people send the invites over, my regular calendar app can handle it”, right?. While the aforementioned is a fair — and true — statement, Sunrise calendar (Free for iOS and Android) adds the subtle nuances to make you really appreciate what a calendar should be able to do. With embedded weather connectivity to ensure you’re wearing the appropriate outfit for the day, the current temperature and conditions are subtly plugged in to the right of the activity; avatar support connected to Google which shows you the face of the person you’re about to grab lunch with (if they’ve uploaded an image in their email profile). Interactive icons which indicate the detail of the meeting (food, movie, flight, etc.) and of course, support for Exchange, iCloud, Facebook, Productiv, Evernote, LinkedIN, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. to ensure everything is in one place and more organized



So you just arrived to a house party and noticed out of the corner of your eye a gorgeous piece of clothing across the room. You know the designer, you do, but you’re struggling to figure out the name of the piece, textures, or even where you can get yours. And of course, Google isn’t helping nearly as much as you need it to. Enter ASAP54 for iOS. Built to be a reverse-engineered photo search, it also works with uploaded images – because taking pictures of someone else’s clothing in public is only awkward to most of us.



Covet is the free app for iOS and Android that was made for the person with a keen eye for fashion, but lacks the budget to spend on the higher ticket items. On sign-up, the app learns your taste through different types of style tests. As you go through the questionnaire you earn tickets and win ‘money’ via in-app contests. You’re then able to ‘bank’ this currency and spend it in the app on various kinds of shoes, dresses, handbags, etc. As you get more immersed in the app, you’re able to then start styling various looks and compete with others. Awesome time-killer for the Jeanne Beker in all of us.



WHISP is the private messaging platform of the fashion world. Built on a gorgeous UI that draws inspiration from magazines, you’re able to flip through items like pages. WHIP sets itself apart offering the ability to drag and drop products you like into the messaging box to get your friends’ opinions. An added bonus is that it connects to Facebook messenger allowing its users’ to share their finds with their friends, without the need of their friends downloading the app. 

Free on iOS and web.

The Hunt


The Hunt dubs itself as the “cure for outfit envy” and works as a reverse community-drive ASAP54. The Hunt enables users to post images of a product they want, while other users in their network are able to help find it on sale. You’re given the ability to follow an item if someone posts something you like. The premise of the app (and whole intention behind it) is that its users’ are encouraged to interact, thus creating a supportive and friendly community. Any stylist would agree, the only thing more fun than buying fashion is talking about it.

Free on iOS