Real talk. A good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of healthy living. You might think of diet and exercise first, but what if we told you putting your head down before midnight is just as imperative as eating your green veggies and doing your daily planks?! A good night sleep can have all kinds of amazing effects on the body including boosted blood flow to the skin so you wake up with a healthy glow, improved weight loss and control cravings, and also help build endurance during workouts.

According to sleep expert Alanna McGinn, creator of Good Night Sleep Site, “sleep causes memory consolidation, enhances organizational skills, planning, multi-tasking, and executive functioning.” Let’s be honest here, that’s something we all strive for isn’t it? We’ve partnered with the sleep specialists at Leon’s Furniture to help educate and inform you all about how to get the very best night sleep possible.

First off, did you know Leon’s carries more than just furniture? Yeup, that’s right! They have a full range of sleep products and accessories, and, what’s more, they also have sleep associates diligently trained (and regularly educated) to identify all the best products for each and every one of us perfectly suited to our needs.

From simple yet affordable solutions to those decadent cushy luxury products, Leon’s carries exclusive mattresses you just can’t find anywhere else in Canada. They believe in a “try before you buy” approach to sleep solutions and even offer the ability to test their new Kingsdown Squeeze mattress in a box in-store. The Kingsdown Squeeze features specially engineered high-density memory foam that contours perfectly to your body curves and maintains the right temperature throughout the night so you’re not overheating.

Leon’s has been helping families effectively stay rested for over a century now, and with their generous warranties and 60-day price guarantee, you don’t have to worry about shopping around to know you’re getting the most awesome deal. With the expertise they’ll also be launching their online sleep program soon on the Good Night Sleep Site. There you can book consultations about sleep, take their Good Night Sleep Cleanse, and learn all about sleep health.

Need a little more convincing? Leon’s also offers a Sleep Tight comfort guarantee on every sleep product they sell.

They’re basically selling you Zzzzz’s and counting those sheep for you.

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This post was sponsored by Leon’s, however the opinions and ideas expressed are our own.