With fall officially here, we’re seeing the season’s tell-tale signs: the days are getting shorter, trees are starting to change colour and fall fashion is slowly emerging on the street.

Fall, our favourite season. Cozy sweaters, warm fires, and hot drinks are all on our agenda. We’re dreaming of unwinding after a hectic summer and finding our bliss, and of course, coffee is still our favourite drink as the temperature continues to dip. Classic drip with a splash of cream is fine for some mornings, but lately, we’ve been kicking it up a notch, experimenting with Coffee-Mate Bliss and a whole new range of flavours. Coconut Sweet Crème and Almond Vanilla are great plant-based options and Vanilla, Sweet Cream and Hazelnut have all-real dairy – YUM!

They taste amazing in our pour-overs, Americanos and of course, classic drip coffee, but why not mix and match in unexpected places? Who knows, you might just find your bliss. We’ve been testing the full Coffee-Mate Bliss range out in different combos and haven’t failed yet in elevating our coffee beverages of choice to a delicious new level.

The best part? All of the Coffee-Mate Bliss products are made with real, simple ingredients, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so whether we’re craving the plant-based or all-real dairy varieties, we can feel good about our choices! Pick up some Coffee-Mate Bliss at major retailers like Sobeys, FreshCo, Metro, Food Basics, Independent, Valu-mart, Fortinos, Zehrs and most Loblaws locations.

We need that extra bit of joy to help us get out of bed and off to the office as the days get shorter, and Coffee-Mate Bliss does the job. Join us in finding some bliss this fall, you deserve it.

*This post was made possible by Coffee-Mate, however opinions expressed are our own.