Field Trip Festival Preview: Q&A With Co-Founder Jeffrey Remedios

Field Trip 2014. Photo c/o Arts&Crafts.

We’re pumped that the 2015 edition of Field Trip is only 2 short days away. For us these past 3 years of Field Tripping have truly signified the start of festival season in Toronto. This weekend Alabama Shakes, Arkells, Father John Misty and more take the stage at Fort York & Garrison Common.

In anticipation of a weekend of great tunes, great vibes and great times we conducted a Q&A with festival co-founder Jeffrey Remedios.

Sidewalk Hustle: What are you most excited for at the 2015 edition of Field Trip?

Jeffrey Remedios: There’s so much!  The virtual reality experience is going to be a trip.   The 10-year old me is excited for Sharon & Bram.  Actually so is the 40-year old me.  I can’t wait to hear Apostle play Folkloric Feel.  We cut our Arts & Crafts teeth with that seminal record.   I’m also fully planning on eating my way through the entire festival.   Anthony Rose.  Yum.

SH: How do you ensure that Field Trip remains relevant as Toronto’s festival offerings continue to grow and expand?

JR: We’re in year three now and fun traditions have formed.   Thousands of both Torontonians and tourists mark their annual summer calendar with our boutique downtown community music and arts festival. Now we’re in a fun place where we can play and experiment.

SH: If you could program any band that isn’t currently on the festival circuit who would it be and why?

JR: Hmm.  Maybe David Bowie… or Kenny Rogers… or Pulp… or 54-40… or the Notwist…  though actually we’ve had a pretty good experience programming our dream artists these past three years. 

SH: You’re a huge Toronto sports fan. Do you ever see this finding its way into programming at Field Trip?

JR: Spin will be onsite this year with an entire table tennis activation plus we have a bean bag toss competition along with all of the Ivy Knight’s Mess Hall food and drink competitions.   Love to find a way to incorporate more sports.   Artist-pro tennis tournament or three-on-three basketball perhaps? Hmm.

SH: Have you ever hula-hooped at past Field Trips? If not will 2015 be your year?

JR: Of course!! Well, err, at least I’ve planned to every year.  Maybe this will be my year!  It’s always such a highlight.

SH: What are your tips for having a VIP level Field Trip experience?

JR: While we have a VIP area with all kinds of extra amenities, quite honestly the entire experience for all attendees is very high.   Come with an open mind and an empty belly.  We’ll help you fill both in an amazing and inspired way.