Music Festival Survival Guide

Festival Survival Grid WebClockwise from left to right: Boho Drawstring Backpack, Opening Ceremony Flatforms, Water Bottle, Pur Mints, Emergency Poncho, Ear Plugs, Temporary Tattoos, Brightening Facial Mask, iPhone Lenses and Clip, Cougar Ankle Rain Boots, Rose Gold Sunglasses, Rechargable Battery, Emergen-C Vitamins, Honest Beauty Deodorant, L’Oreal Sunscreen, Pearlessence Cocnut Water Facial Mist, & Dad Hat – All from WINNERS.

The summer music festival season is officially in full swing in Canada and abroad and we couldn’t be more pumped to dance away our weekends with our favourite bands! From Digital Dreams to Pemberton to WayHome to Osheaga we’ve got a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks and we at Sidewalk Hustle have your music festival prep COVERED! We’ve partnered again with our fave go-to festival destination WINNERS to put together a list of things to pack so festival fatigue doesn’t get the better of you!

Since we’ve already recommended what you should wear to the festival earlier this year, we’re focusing on the often overlooked items you might not know can be a total lifesaver. We’ve tested these #WINNERSFabFinds out at some of the worlds biggest festivals, so trust us when we say they can really make or break your experience! So without further i-told-you-so, here’s our list of what to pack to survive festival season, which you can conveniently find at your local WINNERS store #WINNERSFabFinds!



While you’d think a cross body bag might be the best accessory to bring to a music festival, think again! There’s nothing more annoying than people bumping into your bag in the crowd over and over and potentially losing something. Backpacks are the way to go! Not only are they roomy enough to fit all your bits and pieces, they also keep your hands free which means more waving your hands in air like you just don’t care!


Ladies! Do yourself a favour and leave your gladiator sandals at home this year. Flatforms, like these fabulous ones from Opening Ceremony we scored at WINNERS will not only keep your feet clean and clear from dirt, but also enhance your view by a couple of much needed inches.


While it’s not the sexiest thing to pack, staying hydrated at a festival is essential to your longevity. Make things easier (and cheaper) by packing your own bottle, like this killer rose gold one from WINNERS to fill up over and over at water stations.


After a long day in the sun, drinking beer, eating greasy food, the last thing you want is bad breath, especially when you often have to get up close and personal to talk (or more likely, shout) to your friends in the crowd. We like to load up on Pur gum and mints from WINNERS so we always have extra to share!


We’ve all been caught in the rain unexpectedly but there’s nothing worse than being cold and wet at a music festival when it rains and the sun doesn’t come back out (been there, done that). Don’t let the rain get in the way of your fun, definitely be sure to pack a poncho.


Even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain, we always pack rubber boots, like these fun printed ones from Cougar we scored for less than half the original price at WINNERS! You never know when a storm will hit and there’s nothing better than dry comfy feet so you can carry on enjoying the music without worrying about getting dirty.


Capturing a photo at a festival can take a fair amount of work and gear (trust us, we know!). If you’re not media bringing in a DSLR, anything beyond just your phone can help to improve your vantage point. We love this lens kit we found at WINNERS which helps you capture more of the hype especially when you’re in the crowd.


This one is kind of a no-brainer, but a comfy pair of sunglasses is one of the most essential items to pack and WINNERS always impresses with their designer eyewear selection. Pack at least three pairs so you have a nice rotation and a spare incase you lose one!


Your skin takes a beating at a music festival. You’re exposed to everything from sand, dirt, wind, as well as sun, so it’s always nice to pack a facial mist like this Coconut Water one from Pearlessence to help keep you hydrated through the day. While you’re at it, don’t forget a face mask or two so your skin is glowing and ready to go again the next day.


Cell reception can really eat up your battery at a festival. Don’t be left on empty – pack a rechargeable battery so you’re not stuck at the charging bar all weekend when you friends are out enjoying the music. We love this bright pick one from WINNERS because it’s not only easy to find in your bag, it also clips on so you won’t lose it!


Did you know festival vets swear by powdered vitamins and that you can find them at WINNERS? We always make sure to keep some Emergen-C on hand so we get our vitamin c every morning and don’t risk getting sick or run down throughout the festival weekend.


Commit to those festival vibes without going under the needle. Tattoos are fun and cool, and temporary ones are a great way add a little hippie attitude to your look. Make memories with them over the weekend and watch them fade days after the festival.


Don’t want to sound like a total dweeb over here, but ear plugs are super important for festivals. Straight up, the music is loud, and your hearing can really be affected after prolonged exposure. Planning to go to more than one festival this year? Protect your hearing and years down the road when you’re not deaf, you’ll be thankful you did!


It might sound kinda odd, but we always pack natural deodorant, like this one from Honest Beauty we found at WINNERS, in our festival pack. You’re going to spend the entire day there and you might not have access to a proper bathroom, the least you can do is keep yourself smelling fresh.


Yet another essential item you simply should not forget to pack. There’s nothing fun about getting sunburned, so do yourself a favour and slather up before the festival. We found a bunch of different types at WINNERS to suit pretty much any SPF preference.


Can we get round of applause for the Dad Hat trend? Ladies! Get on this and be sure to get your photo snapped by a fashion magazine on the festival field! While we went for a more basic black cap this time around WINNERS has you covered on the Dad Hat front with a ton of different options.


Find everything you need to rock festival season at WINNERS and be sure to share your #WINNERSFabFinds with us on social!