Festival Season 2022. What Awaits Us?

After two years of lockdowns, the festival season is finally here for people to enjoy. The hopes are high as everyone is tired of waiting and wants to have a great time. However, everything might not be as peachy as we’d like it to be. 

Here is how it has been so far and what visitors can expect this year. As well as some recommendations on great events to look forward to. 

Festival Season 2022

As usual, music festivals start in June and happen up to September/October. It has only begun with a couple of huge events in Europe (Glastonbury and Rock am Ring). It is obvious why these months are the busiest in the industry. 

It is summertime, and the weather is usually good. Also, a huge part of the target audience is students. They are already done with college assignments and can have a great time with friends. But even if you are planning to attend a festival in September or you still have some projects to do for college, there is no need to stress about it. 

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Overall, the season opened well with a lot of attendees and great performances. Yet, there are some concerns industry professionals, and visitors might have. 

Here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Things You Need to Remember

Although COVID restrictions have been mostly lifted, there are still some policies in place. When planning your visit, check the country’s guidelines on mask and vaccination certifications. 

The prices for tickets have increased. This might result in lower attendance and some budget problems for organizers. Because of the gas prices, logistic issues, and infrastructure decline, the tickets for events in 2022 are significantly higher than in 2019. 

Festivals might have to operate with experienced staff shortages. A lot of professionals were freelancers and had to move on to other jobs because of COVID lockdowns. So events lack experienced staff now, and it might take a couple of years to get back on track. 

There is still a risk of cancellations. COVID didn’t despair for good, unfortunately. So you need to remember that some performers might still cancel their shows because they are sick. For example, on June 21, Chris Stapleton had to cancel a couple of shows due to a positive COVID test. On June 13, the Rolling Stones also had to postpone the show because of Mick Jagger’s positive test. 

Some events might experience significant budget problems. Particularly indie events and those postponed since 2019. The prices have changed a lot in these two years. And the events planned for 2019 have to operate on the budget set in 2019. As a result, some events might be canceled as well or experience lots of trouble. 

All of these concerns should not discourage one from having a great time at a music festival. But it is important to remember that things are still not on track completely, and there are always unpredictable factors. 

How to Survive Festivals 

Even if you are an experienced festival-goer, you probably have stayed at home for almost three years. Naturally, it means that there will be some adjustment to the routine. The same goes for first-time attendants. Here are some helpful tips on surviving the festival season in 2022:

  • Acknowledge you are three years older, and some things might have changed in terms of metabolism and resilience. Maybe instead of a morning cocktail, opt for a juice or coffee; 
  • Do not wear nice shoes. Choose something comfortable and not very expensive. Crocs work perfectly, no matter what you might think of their looks; 
  • Download the app of the festival or get acquainted with their website to know what is going on, get notifications, and navigate; 
  • Invest in a good tent if you choose camping; 
  • Take essentials like wet wipes, sanitizer, sunscreen, dry shampoo, toilet paper, and plasters; 
  • Have a plan for hangovers. One might take some medications with them like anti-nausea pills, ibuprofen, or rehydration tablets; 
  • Stick with your friends and drink enough water; 
  • Do not bring valuables that you can live without for a couple of days;
  • Take portable chargers with you. 

It is great to plan the budget for the weekend and be a bit organized. 

Best Upcoming Music Festivals for 2022

Here are some of the exciting events one might not want to miss. Of course, these are not all festivals out there – the schedule is pretty tense this year. 


It takes place in Bristol and celebrates not only music but also street art and skating/BMX culture. The headliners are Headie One, The Streets, and Mabel. Overall, there are more than 80 performances to catch. 

BST Hyde Park, UK

It is another famous Bristol festival with a powerful lineup. Here you can see Pearl Jam, Duran Duran, Nile Rodgers, and Pixies this year. 

INKcarceration, US

Music and tattoo lovers could not miss this one. Head to Ohio to see Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, and Disturbed. Also, Papa Roach and Three Days Grace will perform as well as many other great bands. 

Rolling Loud, US

At the end of July, Miami will host a huge event with Kanye West, Future, and Kendrick Lamar as headliners. It takes place in the Hard Rock Stadium and allows numerous great musicians to be seen. 

Lollapalooza, US

This is one of the world-known festivals taking place in Chicago. This year it is held on July 28-31. Here one can catch Metallica, Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, J.Cole, and Machine Gun Kelly. 

Fuji Rock Festival, Japan

If you happen to visit Japan in July, do not miss this. It is the biggest outdoor event in Japan, with more than 200 artists from all over the world. This year one can enjoy performances of Jack White, Mura Masa, Japanese Breakfast, Vampire Weekend, Black Pumas, and Snail Mail.

Øya Festival, Norway

This year it has an amazing lineup with such names as Florence+The Machine, Gorillaz, Nick Cave, and Fontaines DC. The festival always makes sure there is a 50/50 ratio between male and female artists. So if you want to visit Norway, this is a great opportunity. 

Sziget, Hungary 

In August, Hungary hosts a huge event with world-known artists (Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Tame Impala, and Sam Fender) and a lot of other entertainment. There are workshops, comedy shows, and installations as well. 

Reading & Leeds Festival, UK

At the end of August, one can have an ultimate summer weekend in the UK. This year you can see Halsey, Arctic Monkeys, and Rage Against The Machines here. And there are many more artists from all over the world.

Bottlerock, US

September is the time to go to California for some rock adventure. In 2022 the headliners are Metallica, 21 pilots, and P!nk. 

In Summary 

The season 2022 has already started with some splendid events across the world. Yet, there is a lot to come. It is important to remember COVID restrictions and safety majors. But overall, it is a perfect time to get back to the festival life this year.