Fendi has just launched F is For.

The blog is aimed toward millennials in an attempt to draw a more youthful crowd to the label. F is For features 5 main sections: “Freaks” which is their manifesto, “Fulgore” which includes editorials shot on an iPhone 7, “Faces” where new models and contributors will be introduced, “Freedom” which explores food and drink and “Fearless” which focuses on art and music. In addition to exposing Fendi to a younger, hipper demographic, the site also hopes to develop Rome as a fashion city in its own right.

According to their manifesto:

“We deserve authenticity. We want quality. We want more than what’s offered. We want something that’s ours. We are ambassadors of the new Rome. We are the old made new, transformed and inspired. We are using our hands. We are using our words. We are f is for…”