Feist at Field Trip Music Festival 2013

Feist at Field Trip

Dusk began its ascent over the gathered crowd as Toronto’s darling, Leslie Feist, took the Field Trip stage.

While she has been know musically to own the categories of folk and pop, and sometimes even folk-pop, Feist proved through her beautifully deconstructed performance that she can play with psychedelic rock, hip hop, electronic, and even a tinge of metal. Her set of surprising song choices displayed a sense of controlled spontaneity, perhaps foreshadowing a direction for future recordings. Her set was not a facsimile of her albums, but rather a live-performance art piece.

Feist also displayed her sense of humour, poking fun at old friend and bandmate Kevin Drew’s notoriously epic speeches during his performances, which he proceeded to demonstrate during the Broken Social Scene set. Feist’s killer sense of style was on point as well – where can I find that amazing fringed floral cape?

Feist Set List:

The Bad In Each Other
Undiscovered First
How Come You Never Go There
A Commotion
My Moon My Man
When I Was a Young Girl
The Limit to Your Love
The Circle Married the Line
Comfort Me
I Feel It All