Fancy Rubber Boots Part Five

For today’s splashy rain boot round-up it’s all about brand loyalty! Fendi, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Burberry oh my!
All these boots are perfect for puddle jumping because they are made entirely from PVC and or rubber. Above, are the Fendi Graffiti Rain Boots with mini wedge heel in graffiti pattern or regular Fendi pattern, $225US.  Below are the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace-Up Boots in blue, plum, and gray, with printed lace-up pattern on rubber, $195US.
Next are my most favourite of today’s round-up,  the Burberry Lace-Up boots! They are a nice feminine shape and have a sleek yet detailed style about them, $325US. Additionally, the classic Burberry Oversized Check Rain Boot in pink or beige are always a safe choice, $195 – $225US.
Rubber boots are a fun item to buy because you know you’ll wear them a lot, especially if you live in Canada (we have a lot of slushy weather…) and it never hurts to own a few pairs!
Splashy Splashy!