Toronto noise-rockers Fake Palms have announced the release of their sophomore album, Pure Mind, on September 15th through Buzz Records and Pleasence Records. The band’s third official release promises to showcase their most diverse work yet and will serve as the  follow up to their 2015 self-titled debut and 2016’s Heavy Paranoia EP.

Produced by Josh Korody (whose own album with Beliefs will also see release this fall) and Holy Fuck’s Graham Wright, you can get a taste of what’s to come with the LP’s first single “Glass Walls,” a psych-tinged number that bursts with sweeping harmonies, erratic rhythms and slinky basslines.

Fake Palms’ singer/guitarist Michael le Riche on Pure Mind:

“When we started working on the album, I decided that I wanted to put out the songs I had that sounded the furthest from what we had released until this point. I wanted to do things as differently as possible. We took slower songs, ones with less guitar, and tried to do things that weren’t expected of us. We wanted to challenge the idea of what we do as a band, and we wanted to challenge ourselves. I hope that as a band that’s something we never stop doing. We’re at our best when we’re pushing toward the next thing.”

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

1. Fear
2. I’m Not There
3. Heaven Scent
4. Glass Walls
5. II
6. Perfect Day
7. Fall Ahead
8. Holograms
9. Can’t Erase
10. Cannot Describe
11. Yr Such A Nag