As summer winds down, LA-based contemporary brand FairPlay gears up for the cooler months ahead with its first fall delivery. Utilizing a subtle colour palette, unique tailoring and a diverse range of fabrics, FairPlay reinterprets several cut-and-sew concepts to present its most well-rounded collection to date. Highlights from the forthcoming assortment include the Gallagher, an elongated denim coaches jacket; the Koda, a twill-short sleeved hooded poncho anorak; the Remi, a brushed flannel gingham popover; the Salvador, a multi-fabric patchwork button-up; and the Shea, a long-sleeved extended trench coat with a double zip closure. The first delivery of FairPlay’s fall collection releases on August 5

To commemorate the launch of fall 2016, FairPlay has teamed up with fellow LA native and Grammy-nominated producer Willie B to present “Dawn of a Don: A Celebration of Classics.” This 46-minute mixtape features hits from Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Wale, Freddie Gibbs and Ab-Soul, all produced by Willie B. Stream “FairPlay Los Angeles Presents Dawn of a Don: A Celebration of Classics.”

Take a look through the fall 2016 collection and listen to the mixtape  below.

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