Spring is here. It’s questionable, if we’re really being honest, but we’re trying to stay positive. The snow is definitely gone, and with that, we know that cycling season is upon us. We can pretend that we’re getting in shape through our 20 minute downhill ride to work, find a legit reason to wear bicycle shorts (hello, 90’s trend, we love you) but best of all, experience the freedom that cycling brings. No sketchy uber drivers, transit delays or traffic headaches. We can bike where want, when we want, for almost next to nothing. Cycling season is great for so many reasons, and in Montreal, a place where the city really comes alive after a winter of ice and darkness, it’s something to really get excited about.

Although Montreal is known for its steep, endless hills, it’s also the cycling capital of Canada, with over 20,000 bikers on the streets to get to work every day. We’ve got a summer of cycling adventures mapped out, from hitting up Mount Royal on Sundays, checking out MURAL Festival, and of course, getting back and forth from Osheaga Music Festival.

Have you noticed an increased bike presence in the city? Bike lanes are growing throughout the city every year, as are BIXI stations. When we don’t feel like hauling our bikes on the metro during our commute to work, or only need to ride our bikes one way, BIXI is always there to save the day. Stations are everywhere – they’re peppered in every hood, with tuned up, comfortable bikes. BIXI for the win.

Fido has come on board this cycling season as a BIXI sponsor. From April to November, Fido XTRA will be offering a new deal for Fido customers to redeem. What’s on tap? Buy one, get one free. Bonus hours. And hopefully, more of these little perks to make life easier.

Never heard of Fido XTRA? It just launched last year but it already has customers so pumped about all the perks. Why? Fido XTRA is all about giving an extra bonus to Fido customers, featuring weekly perks that are available through the Fido app – things like deals on food, apparel, travel and entertainment. Fido XTRA has you in mind to make your life more accessible, affordable and easy. Just like Fido.

Not a Fido customer? This is the time to sign up. Fido XTRA is only available for Fido customers, so check out their phones and get to it. And then, get on your BIXI and get exploring – the season is short and there’s lots to see and do.

*This post was sponsored by Fido Mobile but opinions expressed are our own.