As part of the opening night of Biennale Arte, London-based film director and video artist Eva Lanska will present her new choreographic photograph and 3D video installation. The exhibition focuses on feminist ideas and the female dynamic, explored through two ballerinas. Lanska tackles competition and collaboration, with photographic stills accompanying the presentation. “The Existential Choice” will run from April 19-24 at Venice’s Palazzo Bragadin. The 3D video installation will also be made available as an NFT.

On the ballerinas:

“Ultimately they return from a treacherous state of competitive struggle back towards a harmonious state of love and support,” says Lanska.


Eva Lanska trained at the London Film Academy and London Institute of Photography. Her work is influenced from her time living in Paris, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, as well as her upbringing in Moscow. She works in black and white or muted colours. Her first short, Okay, Mum, about domestic violence, won Best Picture at Los Angeles Film Festival and was selected for Short Film Corner at Cannes 2017.

Photo: Eva Lanska