Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps

Essie has finally taken the jump, with both perfectly manicured feet, into the nail art world with their new line of twelve, quite fashionable, Sleek Stick nail wraps.

Essie has long been a resistor of following trends, choosing instead to carve out their own beauty niches, but they’d be crazy not to acknowledge the nail art revolution that’s happening right now, especially after launching their Repstyle line of magnetic polishes last month. The wraps range from perfectly classic to modern to playful in design and colour palette, and are said to last on your nails looking “freshly applied” for fourteen days, which is quite a long time to rock a manicure in our opinion.

Nevertheless we’re glad to have some more additions to the nail art world because we’re getting tired of that one caviared finger of yours. Take a look at the full collection of designs below, which retail for around $10 per set.