Essie Repstyle Nail Polish Collection

Essie’s about to get way more reptilian with their latest collection of magnetic nail polishes textured to look like real snakeskin on your nails! Following in the steps of Dior’s fall winter 2012 collection, which featured a crocodile manicure, this range of six polishes are of course cutely named after animals of matching colour.

From a translucent green called “Crocadilly” to a slippery metallic silver called “Snake Rattle & Roll”, the collection has something for every nail art lover, including a daring blue called “Snake It Up” and a red aptly titled “Sssssexy.”

The collections centerpiece, “Repstyle” is a mustard gold, and highlights the brands first foray into magnetic polishes. The collection will hits stores in December and retail for a little more than their regular collections.