Essie Nail Polish Winter 2012 Collection

This season Essie is all about a modern woman who wants to look like near-royalty on a daily basis, desiring only the richest of colours like shimmering ruby, regal cobalt blue, and classic silver, featured in the winter collection.

Usually when you think of the winter season, one tends to gravitate towards a darker colour palette, but Essie brings a gutsy vibrant range of tones for a gutsy woman who demands perfection in her manicure. Featuring not one, but three different reds, one glittery like Dorothy’s ruby slippers called “Leading Lady”, one brilliantly scarlet called  “She’s Pampered”, and a vermillion, slightly kissed with a drop of orange called “Snap Happy.”

On the cooler side of the collection, an almost Tiffany-looking turquoise colour calls out to the royal in us with a cheeky name “Where’s My Chauffeur,” while a bold cobalt “Butler Please” is the prefect fit for almost any outfit choice for the chillier days, and a glittery multi-dimensional metallic glitter called “Beyond Cozy,” is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy like you favourite cashmere sweater.

In the spirit of good grooming, Essie celebrates a woman’s right to self-indulgence at the chillier time of year, and we personally can’t wait to start indulging come November when the collection hits stores.