Erin Kleinberg Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook [exclusive]

Erin Kleinberg Spring Summer 2015

Canadian cool girl brand Erin Kleinberg is taking that après life to another level this spring with her super chill Apres Surf Girls collection. Staying true to her Canadian roots with the lookbook, Kleinberg enlists Toronto stylist Amy Patel behind Les Best, a true EK girl, to model this luxe yet care free range photographed by yet another Canuck Jeremie Andrew. The collection encapsulates everything that’s engrained in Kleinberg’s aesthetic including “Nostalgia/Vintage silhouettes, Innovation/Tech/Active details and fabrics, Natural Compostion & Fancy/Embellishment,” while staying true to that same easy to wear sophisticated design sensibility we’ve come to love about her season after season.

The collection also features three pretty magical custom prints designed in collaboration with Lena Dunham which were inspired by angry bears eating pudding snacks, being awake at sunrise, and reading books in bed, while keeping #thateklife as the backing. Patel looks bad ass rocking the collection which is at once prim as it is boyish, while balancing just the right amount of sportiness and Californian boho.

Hot on the heels of Kleinberg’s relaunch for the fall 2014 season, she hinted she’ll also be launching ecommerce within the next month or so and will be making room on the site to share stories from fellow EK girls.

So grab your surfboart and get ready to become an EK girl come spring below. Shop this collection starting February 2015.

Erin Kleinberg SS 2015-2

Erin Kleinberg SS 2015-3

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