Empress Of Shares “Kitty Kat” + Announces Debut ‘ME’

Lorely Rodriguez aka Empress Of just announced her debut album Me and shared its first single “Kitty Kat.” It’s hard to believe this is only her debut album, but the New York-based Spanish-American singer engineered, produced, and recorded the whole thing herself. “Kitty Kat” is a more assertive sound than we’ve previously heard from her and we love it. Listen to it above.

This record…it’s about me. It’s very much about my experiences. I learned how to let my voice out through this record. I learned how to record, how to produce. I learned how to write way better songs. I didn’t realize this until I was almost done with it, but it was all about growth, and all about kind of being selfish and taking time for myself to really understand what events in my life have shaped me as a person.

Me is out on September 11th via XL Recordings.

01 “Everything Is You”
02 “Water Water”
03 “Standard”
04 “How Do You Do It”
05 “To Get By”
06 “Kitty Kat”
07 “Need Myself”
08 “Make Up”
09 “Threat”
10 “Icon”