Is it too late to add this to our best of the year list? We’ve got this Emmanuelle track on repeat lately. Brazilian born Emmanuelle is new on the scene and a Soulwax protege, featured on their label Deewee. “Free HiFi Internet” is a simple, cold, millennial banger. With lyrics like “Sorry I’m late, I just didn’t want to come. Is there a wifi in here?” we can’t help but connect. As Emmanuelle told Thump

We’re better connected than at any other point in history, yet personal connection feels as if it’s a lost art. It’s a paradox of being so closely connected to people without really knowing them at all.

Get high on some wifi and check out the Daniel Brereton directed clip above, which features some attractive men getting pumped up.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Emmanuelle. In the meantime, grab the track via iTunes.