Eminem “Won’t Back Down” with The Roots on Fallon

I love Eminem, I hate Eminem, and sometimes I am completely indifferent to Eminem. My overall relationship with him has always been uneasy, which of course makes for a great relationship and/or a terrible one. However, I will admit my interest has wandered since the 2002 release of the Eminem Show, so naturally I wasn’t really all that interested in his latest opus, Recovery. However! If there is one thing about Eminem I do know for sure, it’s that he quite often manages to surprise me and sometimes blow my mind! This very thing happened earlier this week when I watched him perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on June 25 2010. Perhaps it is the fact that the Fallon house band is the Legendary Roots, and perhaps it had something to do with the fact I had, had a couple of beverages so I was feeling open minded, but when I saw/heard Eminem perform “Won’t Back Down” I got goosebumps!
Check out this stellar performance. Now.