With Canada’s legalization of cannabis fast approaching on October 17th; many Canadians are curious about the future of our country’s rapidly growing industry. While it is fairly certain what casual cannabis consumers will be doing (now legally) after October 17, a level of confusion still exists for more passionate consumers seeking consistent, high-quality options and non-consumers interested in incorporating the benefits of cannabis science into their lives.

British Columbia-based Emerald Health Therapeutics is focusing all of their attention on forward-thinking education, de-stigmatization, responsible cannabis production powered by science, and the creation of healthcare alternatives for consumers and non-consumers alike.

We had the chance to learn more about the Emerald Health Therapeutics brand last month first hand while being hosted on beautiful Bowen Island as well as touring a cultivation facility in Delta.

The Therapeutics division of Emerald is currently developing (and perfecting) growth techniques at the Pure Sunfarms joint venture with Village Farms facility in Delta, BC in hopes of mass-producing a variety of cannabis strains with the eventual 1.1 million square foot greenhouse. It’s no secret that consistency is seriously lacking in the cannabis industry.  As it currently stands, a cannabis consumer could visit their local dispensary to purchase a strain on three separate occasions and walk away with three completely different versions of the same strain.

Emerald is creating and adapting standardized pharmaceutical and agricultural practices to make sure that each of their products can be precisely duplicated with predictable results. Construction is still underway at the facility, but Emerald expects to be producing 10,000 kilograms of cannabis per year by the end of its completion.

You would never expect two Tylenol tablets to work differently and cannabis (and alternatives) should be no different in a legal system. Cannabis is consumed with purpose just like Tylenol, and Emerald is passionate about developing many purposes for cannabis science to improve the lives of traditional consumers as well as those brand new to the concept.

Emerald is currently launching products through the BC Cannabis Store and Cannabis NL (Newfoundland) on October 17th but are also working to become available for purchase through the Ontario Cannabis Store starting in 2019.

Images of Delta cultivation facility inner provided by Emerald Health Therapeutics. All other photos by Drew Yorke.

*This piece was sponsored by Emerald Health Therapeutics.