Elle Fanning Stars in Karen O’s “Ooo” Music Video Filmed By Spike Jonze

Everyone’s been buzzing about Karen O’s solo album Crush Songs, released through Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records. VICE premiered something very special for the track “Ooo” on their site and we’re completely taken with it. While rehearsing for Opening Ceremony’s one-act NYFW play at the New York Metropolitan Opera House, Spike Jonze filmed an impromptu music video, starring Elle Fanning. She’s eye-catching, charming, and just plain lovely. The short clip captures Fanning dancing and walking pensively backstage. You can also see the rest of the crew preparing for NYFW and Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon praising Jonze.

Speaking of the video, Jonze said:

It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn’t let the opportunity go by.

Check it out below.