‘Ela’ Accessories Launch

We took a few weeks to mull things over, skipping the odd party for some much needed down time and eventually got around to investigating our inbox, and poof, we came across this irresistible capsule collection by former Roots handbag designer Ela Kowalewska. She’s even worked for Hermès and Burberry, two of the most covetable fashion houses, producing some of the most covetable handbags today, so it’s safe to say she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Her first ever solo collection aptly branded Ela, was launched at The Narwhal in Rosedale (not to be confused with the gallery space on Queen West) and featured a few shapes, primarily leather with silver hardware, simple enough for everyday use, but as covetabley Canadian as vintage tribe leather. Take a look at our favourite pieces below and shop the entire collection at Rac in Yorkville as well as at The Narwhal.