El Perro Del Mar has released a new video for “In The Woods” from last years deluxe re-isse of her 2006 self-titled album. The video follows an Amish man who runs away from his home to the big city and eventually meets a nice woman who shows him a good time.

Sarah Assbring aka El Perro Del Mar had the following to say about the video via Pitchfork:

Last year I celebrated my ten year anniversary as El Perro Del Mar by re-releasing my debut album in a special deluxe edition. This version contained rare demos that had never seen the light of day. It was a very bizarre thing do this — seeing your work in retrospect while simultaneously feeling like you’re in the very center of your career, exploring and creating as if always for the first time. While the anniversary took place I was in the middle of recording my fifth album. As with every album I make, I’m dead set on making something that’s unique and new. But for for the very first time I could also sense how I somehow had gone full circle. I felt compelled to go back to the clearness and poetic minimalism of my first album. I’ve also been very set on writing pop songs similarly to the way I did back then. As simple as that but naturally with a twist of some sort.

Amidst recording the new album, I was sent one of the most heartachingly beautiful videos I’ve ever seen set to one of those early demo songs that appeared on the deluxe edition. The extraordinary talented filmmaker Connor Hurley’s epic take on my song “In The Woods” not only is a piece of art in itself it also, in my own personal view, manages to tie together a then and now – the idea of the innocent past with the more experienced and corrupt now.

It’s the recurring theme of my upcoming album KoKoro and it’s first newly released single “Breadandbutter.”

Give a listen to her new track “Breadandbutter” off her forthcoming new album below as well.