EDWIN Factory Video

Many years ago I randomly bought a pair of jeans from a brand I’d never heard of, but after trying them on I knew I had to have them. The fit like Levi’s but were much more luxurious, thicker and softer, they were simply perfect. I rocked these jeans in Paris, New York, L.A., they are simply my favourite pair of jeans. These jeans, as the title of the post would lead you to believe were from Japanese brand EDWIN. Made from high quality Japanese salvage, these jeans are beautifully crafted. Instead of trying to run through a long list of synonyms to describe awesome jeans, watch the video below. It delves into everything from the stitching of the pockets to the hand-distressing and washing of the jeans. This video basically proves why EDWIN’s premium denim is considered one of the best in the world. Enjoy!

Factory from Edwin Europe on Vimeo.