Dries Van Noten’s flagship American store opened in October 2020, in Los Angeles. Its first American home features two houses separated by a vast parking lot, in an 8,500 square feet open layout. It is here that multimedia artist Grant Shumate will exhibit his new show, Various Positions.

The exhibit features 25 paintings stacked on slabs of marble at varying heights, completely surrounding the interior space. This new body of work combines layered Epson prints of edited Photoshop errors onto massive raw canvases, inspired by Shumate’s previous work in technology-driven projects and a Photoshop glitch that took place one day. Shumate will also stage an audio-visual performance piece with his new show, featuring music producer Trent Mazur.

The partnership is very fitting as the Dries Van Noten brand is very textile-oriented, and Shumate’s work is known for intersecting the physical and digital worlds. Check out Various Positions at The Little House, 451 N. La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles from May 20 until June 19.

Photo Credit: Eduard Grau