With Drake’s highly anticipated new album Views From the 6 just over the horizon, the 6 God unleashes two new tracks to warm up these gloomy April days. The first track, “Pop Style,” features Jay Z and Kanye West as The Throne, and the second track, “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyla.

“Pop Style” is a three and a half minute haunting track that allows the three rap titans go back and forth like it ain’t no thing.  The slow rhythmic clap of the drums compliments the three rappers who flex lyrically, well not Jay, he has about 2 lines of verses, but you know Kanye covers the difference.

“One Dance” is an 180 degree from “Pop Style,” with an upbeat, Caribbean dance-beat, a little more in line with the “Hotline Bling” vibe.

It’s a clever way to drop new music, similar to when Drizzy dropped “Back-to-Back” and “Hotline Bling” give the people what the want.  Listen toPop Style” and One Dance now!