Sports have traditionally been synonymous with competitiveness, but Dove Men believes it’s time to celebrate the real heroes in sport. Their strength comes from their ability to care, both on and off the court or playing field. For some athletes, winning isn’t about coming in first. It’s about helping your teammates (or even opponents) out and making sacrifices to demonstrate that you care.

To honour these often unsung heroes, Dove Men has unveiled their ‘Real Heroes Care’ campaign today, which celebrates heroes not only in sports but also in life. Dove Men has partnered with NBA All-Star and Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry, an athlete who truly embodies these characteristics and values.

Don’t play sports? Don’t sweat it. Dove Men believes that these values aren’t limited to athletes but apply to everyone, and as such should be represented and celebrated. Even though Dove Men is championing this initiative, demonstrating caring in sports is in no way gender specific. The notion of caring as a sign of strength is one that resonates with everyone, regardless of gender or athletic ability.

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