Don’t Be Made A Fool On April Fool’s Day

Virgin Mobile April Fool's

Growing up there was nothing that brought as much terror and joy than April Fool’s Day. It was a day to prank your friends, family and especially teachers without any (believed) consequences. It was also a day to be on guard for any would be prankers looking to make you a target. There were definitely some classics, the unscrewed salt and pepper shaker, putting shaving cream in your victims hand, then tickling them on the nose, and of course the “Made ya look!”.

Now as adults, the stakes are higher and the pranks are getting more sophisticated. When caught in someone’s prank you can be made to look a fool in front of your boss or partner. Not cool bro. As such, this year we’ve teamed up with Virgin Mobile, who are committed to helping Canadians avoid the embarrassment of being pranked on April Fool’s Day. Virgin Mobile has put together a public service announcement and a handy check-list for both at home and work that will help you survive the legendary day of mischief so we can all be fool proof.

Do yourself a favour, practice prank prevention by heeding Virgin Mobile’s below check-list (and share with your friends and family while you’re at it). Now go ahead, memorize this list and watch the video below and you’ll have a better chance of a prank-free April 1st!

At Home Check List:
• Watch and memorize Home Alone 1 & 2
• Wear protective equipment including but not limited to bubble wrap, pillows or Snuggies
• Bubble wrap everything for added protection
• Make all food yourself and don’t leave any anything unattended (best to stick with canned items, no surprises in there)
• Carry toilet paper, lotion, hand sanitizer and a change of clothes with you at all times

At Work Check List:
• Look for air horns and Whoopee Cushions under chairs or behind doors
• Check the toilet seat for cling wrap
• Actually, just check all surfaces for cling wrap
• Watch for buckets over doorways
• Constantly inventory all furniture and belongings Be suspicious of all coworkers