To put it simply, Dolly Parton is an icon. From day one she’s been a give no-Fs-given bad-ass who always looks good in glitter. Not only is she a musical talent beyond compare, she’s a great actress and just generally inspiring human. When was the last time you watched 9 To 5? Shout outs feminism! Dolly’s been in the music biz for over 50 years now and she’s still got it. In fact, she never went away.

This past summer she released her 43rd solo studio album titled Pure & Simple (which went to #1 in the charts, of course), and she’s in the middle of a North American tour right now (dates here). Last night she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview and performed Pure & Simple album cut “Outside Your Door.” She talked about how much she loves her drag queen fans, her friendship with Willie Nelson and Dollywood (someone take us)! Watch Dolly Parton’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live above and check out the wonderful interview clips below.

Pure & Simple is out now on Dolly Records.