Last year the always dope Doldrums released sophomore album The Air Conditioned Nightmare on Sub Pop records and now they’re back with a new track and video to match. The song is called “Runner Up” and it’s produced by Guy Dallas. It’s a hazy electronic exploration, that wanders around your ears like a walk downtown in an unknown city, lit up by random streetlights & a beat that will keep your head nodding. The video fits the vibe of the track well, as singer Airick Woodhead explains his vision behind the video…

“We shot it in my apartment with one of my best friends. The idea was to show the skin out of context, as flesh, sort of alien. The way it turned out you don’t know whether it’s hot or gross, which is basically how I feel about everything.”

Watch the video for “Runner Up” above.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out now on Sub Pop, grab a copy here. While the band has yet to officially announce details about a new album, they have shared this note below. We’ve totally signed up. Check it out…

“We can’t tell you any details about further releases, but we are pleased to announce a very special online / teleportation event happening this autumn that we are looking for people from anywhere in the world / of any description to be a part of. Participants will be spectators to an online video performance and asked to use their webcams to participate. Whether you are drawing in your bedroom by yourself in Montreal or having an ayahuasca bath with your crew on Jupiter, we want you!

If you are interested sign our mailing list for more details and propaganda: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6f7_aRDOP-urTnC612r7kNcTZBIox-sBlQP5O3mBXdjbl0w/viewform?c=0&w=1