Do you love anyone enough to share your #lastROLO?


There’s nothing worse than reaching for that last ever-so satisfying piece of chocolate, only to find someone else has beaten you to it. But can you blame them? Sometimes you’ve got to be strategic with your snacking.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, your favourite chocolate covered caramels, ROLO, got a whole lot creamier and easier to enjoy in regular, jumbo, and multipack sized servings. To celebrate this creamier caramel center, they’re bringing back the #lastROLO campaign, encouraging fans to share those glorious last moments before choosing to hand off that last ROLO to your friends and lovers (or not) using the hashtag. But just when you think your mind’s made up, the indecision will get to you, especially if we’re talking about jumbo ROLO.

Would you willingly give up that last decadent bite? Not on the first pack, but maybe, just maybe on your second.

There’s a lot going on in your head in those moments before you decide to give your last coveted morsel away, and the good folks at ROLO totally feel you on that. They’ve created some rather hilarious commercials that take you inside those last quivering moments before that last ROLO somehow makes it into your mouth or generously into the hand of another.

You’d better hope your mom isn’t in the room for a moment like this because you can hardly be selfish around the people who taught you not to be. Or can you? Sorry mom, sometimes you just gotta take sides.

Do you love anyone enough to share your #lastROLO? Join the conversation online now by sharing your moment, whether it’s selfish or not, using #lastROLO