Sorry world, but we’re declaring 2017 the death of the choker.

What was once considered cool girl jewelry has now become a basic staple in every girl’s wardrobe this year. Which is fine … but if you’re like us, you don’t want to be like every girl.

So, to end of the awful year that was 2016, we’re throwing out our ’90s necklaces and replacing them with these pieces of jewelry instead.

1. Jennybird Pollux Ring, $95.

Everyone knows that Jenny’s bird girls are the coolest on the block. Join the flock by adding this ring to your collection.


2. Oak + Fort Ring, $12.

If bold jewelry isn’t your thing, opt for a daintier piece, like this ring from Oak + Fort.

3. J.Hannah Spike Necklace, $165.

Timeless, but still edgy.

4. Shop for Jayu Cameron Necklace, $16.80.

We’re so used to having things so close to our necks, so this lariat necklace is a refreshing change.

5. Hortense Bowie 4 Ever Bracelet, $242.

A delicate bracelet that still makes a statement.

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