Discover the talent of Vancouver’s art and music scene

Vancouver, situated upon the vibrant west-coast and at the base of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, is teeming with artists and musicians who channel the natural beauty that surrounds them through their art. The city has a diverse arts scene, with a variety of artists looking to challenge the norms of the art world, as well as those skilled in realistic renderings of the landscapes of British Columbia. Vancouver is also home to a growing community of musicians, ranging in all genres, from indie-pop, to soulful jazz, to uplifting trance tunes. This guide will direct you to some of Vancouver’s best and most talented visual artists and musicians.


Vancouver Artists

Carolyn Wong is a Toronto born, Vancouver based artist, whose main focus is drawing and painting depictions that tell a narrative and incorporate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscape that surrounds her. Prior to her move to Vancouver, Wong had felt a draw to her artwork, and decided to alter the course of her teaching career in order to pursue a full-time future in art. She is now thriving in the digital painting space, with her artwork shifting as she becomes further inspired by the ample nature around her.

Vancouver Artists

Russell Wang, better known as RSLW, is a Taiwanese-Canadian contemporary artist and designer, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Wang works predominantly with oil and acrylic paint, aiming to render anomalous depictions of traditional or popular characters and symbols. Wang’s interest in fine arts was first piqued at only 5 years old, and has since blossomed into portraiture work that provokes common composition and incorporates influences from both Japanese Otaku and classic American pop culture.

Vancouver Artists

Maria Struk was raised at the base of the North Shore mountains in British Columbia. Here she acquired a love and appreciation for nature and its elements, leading her to her calling for Venetian glass blowing where she combines her love for both fire and water. In her early adulthood Struk pursued a wide variety of careers, and ultimately discovered Terminal City Glass Coop, where her passion for glass blowing was re-ignited from her adolescence. She is now a glass artist and entrepreneur, specializing in vibrant, organic shapes, and is skilled in online marketing and community building.

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Stella Soul is a two-piece high energy band, composed of Kentya Kurban on vocals, James Red on vocals and keys, and session players on the bass, guitar, drums and saxophone. The group is best known for their fusion of the jazz and soul genres, often incorporating a contemporary pop twist. Stella Soul can be seen most nights of the week playing at local clubs, cafes, or parties, as their all encompassing music style, complete with alt-pop vocals and electronic components, provides something for all music tastes and occasions.


Neela is a triple threat performer based in Vancouver as an R&B-pop singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer. Through her authentic lyrics and her soulful voice, Neela aims to delve into the intricacies of human emotions as they pertain to sensual desire, contributing to her music’s indie-R&B quality. This Fall she released her new single, Let it Down, produced by Grammy-winning producer, Chin Injeti.


Parlour Panther, composed of Lee and Steph, is an indie-pop Vancouver based group, born in 2014 as a way to celebrate the Queer love between its 2 founders. Steph and Lee have since gotten married and evolved in their joint song writing, chronicling their development as artists and as partners. Their latest album, Retrograde, investigates the effects of forced self-reflection as a result of the pandemic, while channeling sensations of empowerment and uplifting.

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