Dior Beauty’s Latest Immersive Art Exhibit Spotlights Colour + Fragrance

Dior Beauty just launched a pop-up gallery in L.A. and the brand has invited numerous artists from different fields—including five international visual, sound, and digital artists—to get creative and reimagine its iconic Gris Dior colour and scent.

The colour itself is a stunning violet-gray hue, and it’s the inspiration behind Gris Dior, one of the fashion house’s most famous unisex fragrances in its Collection Privée. The fragrance, fronted by names like Jenna Ortega, Maya Hawke and Joseph Quinn, is a clean earthy-citrus scent meant to capture the essence of the enigmatic shade.

Five international artists are taking the concept of Gris Dior and creating some truly amazing works of art. The immersive exhibition, called The Grey Zone, invites visitors to experience the spirit of Gris Dior through the eyes of these cutting-edge creators. The exhibition will run in Los Angeles from April 13 to 16, and it promises to be quite a spectacle.


Some of the installations that visitors can expect to see include a street art-style photowall by Canadian artist Ben Johnston (at the top), an installation by American-British biophilic technology designer Mileece called Avant Jardin, which celebrates the sounds of nature, along with Flux, a submersive blend of art, fragrance and music by the Parisian collective Collectif Scale.

The Grey Zone exhibition is all about inviting visitors into the world of Gris Dior and exploring what defines the Dior spirit. It’s a chance to see some truly unique art that explores the possibilities of colour and fragrance in exciting new ways. Visit dior.com to register for the pop-up.