Canadian Music Week, otherwise known as CMW, is upon us. We chatted with Dilly Dally’s Katie Monks to find out what tips the Toronto bad ass act had for surviving the busy week. Check out their CMW tips below + Catch Dilly Dally live at CMW this Saturday May 7th at the Osheaga showcase, taking place at Lee’s Palace.

Dilly Dally’s CMW Tips

Best festival fuel: Water and friendship.

Where to catch a dope show: It’s so hard to say. Velvet Underground for White Lung. Also Comfort Zone. Sketchy dark vibes. Very Toronto. Cool place to end up.

Acts to not miss: Fat White Family and White Lung.

Best late night snack: Street meat and ramen noodles. 

Hangover cure: Big Fat Burrito and day shows. Or chill at Dufferin Grove.

Fav record store: June Records

Best way to get around: Skateboard

Best pizza toppings:  The Katie Combo which is broccoli, jalapeños & pineapple. 

Underrated bar: Wenona

Best way to make small talk in-between sets: Smoke a j!  

How to sneak in to a sold-out show: Tweet at the band.

How to stay awake when you feel sleepy: You gotta do some power moves. Power moves are these really intense, literal power moves and stances that Tony and I do before shows to get us pumped up. You gotta find your own power moves. It’s kind of like yoga, just channeling energy, except more aggressive & powerful way. 

Festival style advice: Just be yourself. 

Go to gear spot: If you’re a tourist, Paul’s Boutique. Long & McQuade for the practical. 

What to say to a cutie you spot enjoying the same tunes as you: “Hey what’s up? I dig your vibe.” 

Words to those coming to your show? Come freak out! 

Final words: Get stoked! Make sure to check out local acts if you’re not from Toronto. I think that’s important.