Dilly Dally Shares “Purple Rage” Music Video

Toronto rock quartet Dilly Dally shared the music video for “Purple Rage,” the second single off their debut album Sore. In the clip, lead singer Katie Monks emerges from the woods as a purple swamp thing who goes on to wander the streets of Toronto. Onlookers seem both disgusted and fascinated, even asking to take a picture with her.

This video was a pretty excruciating process, but also an interesting experience. Rage is a very surreal, and grotesque emotion, so for the video we wanted my character to embody that. The costume was miserable to wear. It felt heavy, cold, and wet. Whizzing was a nightmare and I was attracting a lot of bugs once we got to the swamp. What I was amazed with was the huge amount of people who kept trying to interrupt what we were trying to do. I stopped being another human being walking around downtown Toronto, I became an invitation for mean comments, dirty looks, terrible jokes, horrible screams, the list goes on. This video captures some of those moments, and tells a story about a gross monster who just doesn’t fit in. Expressing anger can be a very alienating process. You are essentially trying to repel the people around you, usually because you are feeling wounded and vulnerable.

Dilly Dally have been around for a few years but are only just releasing their debut. Speaking to NOW Toronto, Monks said they released all their first singles digitally rather than putting out an album “Because no one wanted to put it out. We didn’t want to just throw it up online ourselves. When we release something, we want it to be epic.”

Dilly Dally’s debut album Sore is out on October 9th via Buzz Records (CAN) / Partisan Records (USA).