Die Antwoord “Evil Boy” Video

Even though it’s already been established that these guys are friggin’ nuts, this video for “Evil Boy” from thier forthcoming album $O$ is particularly screwy and just reaffirms that they are completely batty.

Rubber dildos, talking tits, District 9 prawn claws, Casper the friendly ghost (because he has a huge penis in this case), and rats crawling push the proverbial envelope in every direction in this video, and poor DJ Diplo (sporting a not so trendy hair-style and what looks like Beats Dre headphones) gets stripped down, handcuffed, and blindfolded by Yo-Landi Vi$$er only to have his wallet stolen!

Check out Die Antwoord‘s video (at home… this stuff is definitely NSFW) for “Evil Boy” below off $O$ which is set to drop on October 11th.