Diamond lovers, take note. Toronto’s Tiffany & Co. Bloor Street store has just launched a new immersive installation, called “Diamonds of Tiffany”. This limited run installation (until December 2021) offers guests the opportunity to experience what makes Tiffany diamonds unique through four chapters: Diamond Provenance & Craft Journey, Diamond Clarity, Cut & Polish and Craftspeople.


First, guests will learn about Tiffany’s commitment to responsible mining and diamond traceability. Next, the immersive Clarity journey educates how clarity is determined and takes the viewer into a diamond “laboratory” with Tiffany Blue microscopes. Following this, guests learn about the cut and polishing process of diamonds, and the important role human hands play. And last, guests will be transported to a recreation of the Tiffany Workshop in NYC, where they will learn about Tiffany’s skilled craftspeople and how each diamond is cut. And, most magical of all, this immersive experience allows viewers the unique opportunity to try on Tiffany diamonds.

In 2020, Tiffany became the first luxury jewel house to share a full list of countries and craftsmanship journey of its newly sourced, registered diamonds (.18 carats or larger). Tiffany sources many of its diamonds from two Canadian mines including Diavik and Ekati Mines in the Northwest Territories.