DFA Radiomix Series #13 by LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope

As LCD Soundsystem begins to slowly bow off the radar, it’s almost comforting to know some of the band members still plan to keep on going, like bassist Tyler Pope as he jumps onto DFA’s now more frequent Radiomix Series. The first of the now monthly 45 minute long mix, much like the DJ mixes they’ve been posting for quite some time, is available for direct download on Soundcloud as well as embedded below.

Tyler Pope’s DFA Radiomix #13:

1. Patrice Scott: “Atmospheric Emotions”
2. Anton Zap: “Keep on Moving”
3. Amir Alexander: “Necessary Sanctuary”
4. Drivetrain: “Falling”
5. D.J. Sprinkles: “Masturjakor (Kink and Nevelle Watson Rmx)”
6. Robert Hood: “Clash”
7. Holger Zilske: “God Key”
8. El Gato: “Calling”
9. Theo Parrish: “Traffic”
10. Altered Natives: “Need to Know”
11. Lockstep: “Ce Soir”